Top 5 Gutter downspout extensions (2022)

Having gutters that work properly to divert runoff water away from your home is crucial in maintaining your foundation’s integrity. Yet, the truth is that not even the best gutter system can accomplish that goal if your gutter downspouts just pour water next to the base of your home. 

This is why gutter downspout extensions are necessary. Attaching these products to the end of your existing downspouts will help better guide the water to a place where it will not pool against the foundation. 

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place if you need to know more about the top 5 gutter downspout extensions. In the following in-depth report, we’ll discuss lots of pertinent information, including:

  • Our top five recommendations for gutter downspout extensions (including our #1 favorite pick)
  • Gutter Downspout Basics
  • General Gutter Downspout Extension Information

Our #1 Overall Top Rated Pick

Plusgutter Flexible Downspout Extension (2-pack)

  • Downspout extension easily extends from 21 inches up to 60 inches to divert water where you want
  • The extender uses a split design, where the interface is created with ads injection molds, so it will not crack or tear
  • The flexible downspout extender is retractable and easy to bend or bury in the ground

After a thorough review, our favorite gutter downspout extension is the Plusgutter Flexible Downspout Extension (2-pack). 

Why this downspout, you ask?

Water that is diverted too close to your home will pool next to your structure’s foundation, which can lead to soil erosion or cracks in the foundation. 

This innovative and sturdy downspout can channel the excess rainwater anywhere from 21 inches up to five feet away from your home. 

Aside from the versatility and flexibility of these downspout extensions, they also feature a sturdy design. This means the product attaches to your home with screws and will not wash away with rainwater. Moreover, if you don’t like the idea of a gutter downspout being visible, this innovative design allows you to bury it under the ground or bend it as you like to hide out of view. Hence, we found that these gutter downspout extensions are affordable, effective, and easy to affix to any existing gutter downspouts.

Top 5 Gutter Downspout Extensions

Are you short on time and wish to jump straight to the products? No problem! Check out the following list of our top 5 gutter downspout extensions below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn valuable gutter system information. 

Gutter Downspout Basics

Your home’s gutter is the channel that’s installed near the roofline of your home, where the roof slopes downward. This drainage system is usually made from aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel, or copper. Gutter systems are set at a minor downward pitch toward the corners of your home. This design encourages the flow of water or snowmelt to flow downhill, where it eventually reaches the downspouts. 

The downspouts are the pipes that run vertically along the side of your house. It connects near the top of the gutter channel through a hole, but the other end bends away from the home and sits several inches above the ground. This system permits water to flow away from your home and landscaping before exiting the pipe. 

How Many Downspouts are Required?

The general rule of thumb that most gutter professionals follow is that there should be one downspout per 20 feet of the gutter system. However, depending on the size of your home and the local weather, you may need more gutter downspouts. 

Gutters and downspouts that are poorly designed and installed can lead to water runoff pooling near the base of your home. Even worse, it can cause the water to back up into your gutters, which can lead to serious damage to your home’s exterior and interior. 

Gutter & Downspout Maintenance

Homeowners should aim to have their gutters and downspouts cleaned and inspected at least two times per year. However, the truth is that gutter cleaning may be required up to six times per year, depending on where you live. 

Getting on a good gutter cleaning schedule will help you locate drainage issues and leaks before they turn into costly problems. In general, if you need to repair cracks or leaks in gutters, simply use a bit of sealant or caulk. However, if you have drainage problems, installing splash blocks or downspout extensions can help.

The key to keeping your home’s gutters and downspouts in good shape year-round is to have a good gutter maintenance program in place. 

General Gutter Downspout Extension Information

When shopping for gutter downspout extensions, it’s vital to understand that there are several types from which to choose. Just remember that each of them performs the same function, so it’s usually a matter of personal preference. 

Types of Gutter Downspout Extensions

Aluminum Downspout Extensions

These extensions are typically just another section of downspout that’s added at the bottom elbow. The extension runs horizontally to allow it to lay in your yard rather than right on your home.

Though most people leave aluminum gutter downspout extensions lying on the ground, they can also be propped up to avoid obstacles. This is the most stationary option because once set in place; you cannot move them for lawn mowing or other activities. We recommend this option if your gutters extend in a straight line with no obstructions. 

Corrugated Flex Pipe

Corrugated flex pipe is the most popular type of downspout extension, and it’s also our favorite. These are great for maneuvering around obstacles in the yard and very versatile as they can be expanded.

This style of gutter downspout extension allows the homeowner to place it anywhere. Many homeowners will divert the water to one area, and then some people even move them when one area becomes fully saturated. 

Corrugated flex pipe gutter downspout extensions come in many sizes and colors, so they work for nearly any existing gutter system seamlessly. 

Underground Downspout Extensions

These systems are essentially just an extension of your gutter system and downspouts. So, they are much like the other types of downspout extensions we explained. However, the difference is that these are installed underground and usually lead water to the sidewalk, street, or sewer system. 

Other Common Types of Downspout Extensions

The three gutter downspout extensions we mentioned above tend to be the most common, but there are lots of other types. If you aren’t a fan of aluminum, corrugated flex piping, or underground downspout extensions, you’re in luck. You can also check out splash stones, rain chutes, or even automatic downspout extensions. 

Gutter Downspout Extensions Reviewed

Keep reading for more information about each gutter downspout extension in more detail:

Plusgutter Flexible Downspout Extension (2-pack) 

Plusgutter downspout extensions effectively divert excess rainwater away from your home to prevent water damage. This product features a split design allowing multiple downspout extensions to be joined together for increased versatility and added length. 

This downspout extension from Plusgutter expands from 21 inches up to 60 inches and bends to hold its shape. We found that these flexible downspout extensions are made of high-quality, durable materials that can be buried underground and withstand up to ten pounds of weight. 

The Good

  • Expands from 21 inches up to 60 inches
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • The product comes with extra screws, so you never have to worry about it washing away
  • The downspout can be buried or moved around as needed

The Bad

  • Some people have a hard time with installation.

Jamphaza 2-pack Decorative Gutter Downspouts

The Jamphaza gutter downspout extension is decorative and functional. The product features a straightforward, triangular design and blends well with your home and lawn. It features dimensions of 11 inches wide by 24 inches long and 2 inches high. This means it’s compatible with nearly every home gutter system. 

Each Jamphaza downspout extension can be firmly secured to the ground. So you don’t have to worry about it being carried away by the wind or rain. These extensions are made from recycled, ultra-tough plastic and will not discolor or rust from chemicals or the sun. 

The Good

  • Firm anchoring system
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Decorative and aesthetically pleasing

The Bad

  • The product does not extend as far as other downspout extensions.

Bewave Gutter Downspout Extensions Flexible (2-pack)

The Bewave gutter downspout extension is a great way to direct water away from your home’s foundation and may prevent flooding. This extension features a flexible design that is retractable and allows the item to bend and hold its shape. 

Many owners like that this product is very compatible with most existing downspouts. It fits both a two-inch and three-inch downspout. Moreover, each extension expands up to 58 inches, meaning water can travel more than five feet away from your structure. 

The Bewave gutter downspout extension is simple to install and is durable enough to last for years to come. 

The Good

  • Durable and simple to install
  • Expands up to 58 inches in length
  • Compatible with two-inch and three-inch gutter systems

The Bad

  • The product is available in a limited array of colors.

Frost King Automatic Drain Downspout

Frost King Automatic Drain Downspout is a novel product that fits all standard downspouts. This system is designed to carry water away from your foundation. However, it’s different from other items in that it automatically unrolls when it rains and rolls itself back up when dry. 

This product is simple to install with no tools required and is 46 inches by 8.5 inches. We found that this is a great product for anyone looking for versatile gutter downspout extensions that don’t have to be secured in place. 

The Good

  • Fits all common downspout sizes
  • Easy to install with no tools required
  • Automatically unrolls as needed
  • Made in the USA

The Bad

  • Only available in the color white

Toccyard Gutter Downspout Extension French Drain Diverter

Many homeowners like the idea of a French Drain diverter because they are easily covered by mulch or other landscaping covers for an unobtrusive look. This gutter downspout extension is now made with a leak-proof hose adapter, which can adjust and prevent the drip pan from leaking. 

The Toccyard Gutter Downspout Extension is made from durable resin, so you can rest assured that it will last for many years. The design is universal, and it connects to two-inch and three-inch gutter systems. 

The Good

  • Universal and works with most existing gutter systems
  • Made from high-quality resin
  • Features leak-proof hose adapter

The Bad

  • You may have to dig in your yard for the installation.