How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

There’s nothing worse than inviting over friends and family for a gathering and your windows look like something straight out of a horror movie or maybe you’re looking to put your house on the market and want to ensure a great showing and receive a comparable offer. 

You may be looking to ensure that your windows stand the test of time and aren’t decayed by the build-up of debris, road dirt, spider webs, and other junk or maybe you’re getting ready for a grand opening at your new commercial location and want to make a great impression within the community. 

Sometimes those spray bottles that attach to your garden hose just won’t do it. They leave streaks, aren’t powerful enough to get the windows clean, and could be detrimental to area foliage and wildlife. Climbing a ladder strapped with a window cleaner, rags, and scrub brushes sounds like an accident waiting to happen – especially if you have second or third-storey windows that need some attention. 

That means you might be looking for the costs of having your windows professionally cleaned. 

Here’s the dirt. 

According to national averages which do not take into consideration the specific needs at your home, which can contribute to a wider cost range, this will get you started in your decision to hire out your window cleaning.  

Average Cost in the US for Professional Window Cleaning Average Minimum Cost Average Maximum CostAverage Cost Range in the US 
$258$95$570$151 to $366

In this Window Cleaning Cost Guide, we’ll cover: 

  • How Window Cleaning Costs are Calculated
  • Commercial Window Cleaning Rates and Details
  • Risks of Not Keeping Your Windows Cleaned 
  • DIY Window Cleaning Costs 
  • How to Find a Reputable Window Cleaning Company 

How Window Cleaning Costs are Calculated

Details about your home including its size, the number of windows in your home, its height, whether you’re looking to have both the interior and exterior of your windows cleaned, the type of windows you have, and whether or not you have screens are all going to affect the professional window cleaning total on your invoice. 

Many window washers will offer discounts if you contract recurring window cleanings vs. just a one-time service. 

Let’s break it down by common window types. 

Type of Windows and Glass-Paned Doors

Not all widows are created equal. Some are just one pane but are extremely large and some bay windows contain multiple smaller panes. Window washers may charge per pane in an attempt to make the price fairer for the customer (as opposed to a flat fee) but that’ll depend on the size of the pane as well. 

Traditional Double-Hung Windows 

These are the most common windows found in homes where both panes can tilt inward for internal and exterior cleaning without climbing a ladder outside. 

Casement Windows 

Hinged on one side, casement windows usually have one or two panes – sometimes with individual smaller panes on each larger hinged side. 

Picture Window

Usually, a large, single-pane window but in other cases, can be a few larger panes, it commonly costs more in window washing fees than a common bedroom window. 

Sunburst Window

Composed of many glass panes including traditional rectangle shapes and ones that are more curved on the top ends, sunburst windows are often larger than traditional windows. 


Skylights are windows installed in the roofing to allow more light to penetrate inside the home where no windows are present. It’s more challenging for window washers to clean skylights since it often requires climbing on top of the home. 

Garage Door Windows 

Whether four horizontally arranged garage door windows or vertically filed ones, garage door windows are often smaller than windows in your home. 

Storm Windows 

Inserts to offer another layer of protection against strong winds and precipitation, storm windows can be removed to clean. 

Sliding Windows

Similar to a sliding glass door, sliding windows usually have one stationary pane and one that slides; however, there are styles where both panes slide. 

Decorative Windows

Stained glass or other decorative windows are often historically preserved and require care when cleaning. 

Louver Windows 

Louver windows have many small pieces or panes that tilt in and out similar to retractable blinds. 

Sliding Doors

With one stationary door pane and one sliding door pane, there are commonly two large panes of glass to clean but there are sliding door styles that contain 12+ smaller panes. 

French Doors

French doors commonly have many smaller panes that come together to latch between the two doors. 

Window Sills and Door Tracks 

Commonly the surrounding vinyl or wood window sill or sliding glass door track cleaning is included in the price of the pane cleaning, but it’s a good idea to ask your window washer before securing a contract. If they are charged separately, homeowners see a range of $0.05 to $5.00 per sill or track. 

Window/Door Type Average Cost of Cleaning in the United States 
Per Pane or Glass Panel $4.00-$6.00 per individual glass panel 
Casement Windows $8.00 per pane 
Picture Windows (single pane) $12.00 if larger than 5 feet by 6 feet $10.00 if one pane over another$28.00 for bay window 
Sunburst Windows $7.00 for each small piece$15.00 for each large piece 
Skylights $27.00 per skylight
Garage Door Windows$1.00 for each small garage door window
Storm Windows $30.00 per 3-4 pane combo
Sliding Windows$4.00 per pane 
Decorative Windows $5.00 per pane 
Louver Windows$2.00 per pane
Sliding Doors$7.00 per half door
French Doors $6.00 per half door$12.00 per set of doors 

Home Size 

When window washing contractors charge by the size of the home, it may not matter how many windows you have, but the square footage of your house depicts the cost of window cleaning. Here are just a few of the common home sizes and the national cost averages. 

Square Footage of the Home Average Cost in the United States 
1,000 sq ft$185
1,500 sq ft$245
2,400 sq ft$353
3,200 sq ft$449
4,200 sq ft$569

Hourly Rates 

Some window-washing contractors charge by the hour which leaves a bit of discretion on whether they are fast and efficient at their jobs or whether they are meticulous and slower. On average, contractors charge approximately $40 to $75 per hour to get those windows sparkly clean. 

Commercial Window Cleaning Rates and Details 

Ranging between $0.50 and $2.50 square feet of commercial space, commercial window cleaning is often slightly more than typical residential cleaning and is also usually dependent on how frequently the client wishes to have them cleaned. It is commonly all-inclusive (windows, panes, sills, tracks, etc.) 

According to Home Guide, the average US costs are: 

Square Footage of Commercial Space  Frequency of Cleanings per Month
1 2 3 4 5
Under 1,000 sq ft $150-$250 $200-$400 $300-$500 $500-$600 $550-$650
1,000 – 4,999 sq ft $250-$450 $300-$1,100 $500-$1,100 $600-$1,300 $650-$1,600
5,000 – 9,999 sq ft $350-$550 $500-$900 $600-$1,500 $650-$1,600 $700-$2,000
10,000+ sq ft  $500+ $700+ $1,000+ $1,200+ $1,400+

Risks of Not Keeping Your Windows Cleaned 

Not only are dirty windows unsightly, but if allowed to grow mold, mildew, collect dust, allergens, and even harbor viruses, they can force your family into respiratory discomfort. On the outside of your home, built-up dirt on windows can permanently discolor the panes or start to break down due to the glass being a porous material. 

Another risk includes decaying the window seals around the casements which can leak air through them, create condensation inside your home, and skyrocket your heating and cooling bills. Creating a regular window cleaning schedule lessens the load when it comes to cleaning them going forward. When left to build up, it may take additional effort, cleaning solution, and time to get them clean. 

DIY Window Cleaning Costs 

By now, you’re familiar with the costs of hiring a professional window cleaning company but let’s dive into the costs of getting your hands dirty and doing it on your own. 

There are some varying factors and products to choose from, or you could consider mixing your all-natural concoction to clean your windows. Costs may differ based on your geographical area, but consider purchasing the following supplies to get your windows nice and clean. 

  • Cleaning solution 
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Ladder
  • Ladder Stabilizer
  • Safety Gear 
  • Window Cleaning Kit with Extension pole and cleaning attachments ($75-$190) 
  • Bucket

They say “time is money” so also take into great consideration the time and safety concerns with washing your windows. What may take professionals a few hours to complete, could take homeowners the entire weekend. Also, climbing ladders to reach second or third-story windows for those who don’t climb ladders often, could be a health or injury cost. 

How to Find a Reputable Window Cleaning Company 

When researching reputable cleaning companies, be sure to do your research before you start calling everyone from your Google search. Check their previous client testimonials and read, not only the 5-star reviews but the 4 and 3-star ones as well. 

Check their standing with the Better Business Bureau and ensure they are both licensed in the state and have insurance. If you are a veteran, military member, or spouse, are of retirement age, or are a brand new customer, don’t be shy about asking if they have special discounts for their services. 

Ask about the products used to ensure they are environmentally-friendly for the landscaping below your windows and any wildlife or pets that may wander around the yard. For those with allergies, some cleaning products could exasperate those symptoms. 

Many times, with a professional service, they also inspect your windows for issues while they’re cleaning them. When contacting an expert, inquire about this service being included. It’s great to know whether or not your windows are at risk for damage, mildew and mold, insulation issues, or even termites and ants. Taking care of small window issues before they become major ones could be the difference between a small repair and an entire window replacement – dirty or not. 

Final Thoughts 

Cleaning your windows thoroughly to avoid future damage, and get your home looking its best, isn’t as simple as getting out a garden hose and hoping it has enough pressure to get the road dirt, dust, mildew, and road dirt off your windows. It might be necessary to call in the pros to get the job done for you – and that means some costs must be considered. 

Analyze all your options and potential window-washing contractors before making your final decision and get those windows sparkling clean.